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Economic benefits of seafarers'' development in Nigeria

Dec 06, 2013 · The recent graduation of 11 Nigerian Marine Engineers at the South Shields Marine School, New Castle, United Kingdom under the Nigerian Seafarers Development Programme (NSDP), marks a turning point in Nigeria''s efforts at building a pool of seafarers both for export and local industry.

Nigeria: The Development Of Export Trade In Nigeria

Sep 18, 2017 · The export of commodities such as crude oil is a major factor behind Nigeria''s economic growth, contributing significantly to the growth of export trade in the country. It has also established Nigeria''s comparative advantage under the mineral fuels section.

Geology and Geotectonic Setting of the Basement Complex

Geology and Geotectonic Setting of the Basement Complex Rocks in South Western Nigeria: Impliions on Provenance and Evolution 101 Plate 1. Deformation structures in the blotite gr anite gneiss, Iperindo area, Ilesha schist belt southwestern Nigeria, D2 (qtz vein) cuts ac ross foliation planes (D1), The Hammer (2cm

Country report: ageing in Nigeria – current state, social

Nigeria is yet to enact a National Policy on the care and welfare of older persons. Since March 2003 it has remained in draft form. In the coming years, the ageing population in Nigeria is expected to increase in numbers and life expectancy rates will gradually increase with significant social and economic impliions to the individuals and the Nigerian government.

(PDF) Tax Revenue and Economic Growth of Nigeria

The main objective of this paper is to explore the relationship between company income tax in Nigeria and economic development of the nation. Primary and secondary data were applied in carrying

Electronic Payment System in Nigeria: Its Economic

Delta State. Nigeria. Igbunu Richard Department of Computer Science, School of Sciences, College of Physical Eduion, Mosogar, Delta State. Nigeria. Abstract The crux of this study is on the adoption of Epayment system in Nigeria: Its economic benefits and challenges.

Nigeria Economy Britannica

Nigeria Nigeria Economy: The Nigerian economy is one of the largest in Africa. Since the late 1960s it has been based primarily on the petroleum industry. A series of world oil price increases from 1973 produced rapid economic growth in transportation, construction, manufacturing, and

Maximising petroleum resources for Nigerians benefits

NIGERIA''S petroleum industry have come a long way from its over 57 years of commercial oil production, but perhaps the most significant period, in terms of local input and benefits to Nigerians

Colonialism: Impact of Colonialism on Nigeria by the

Dec 24, 2019 · Contents Definition of ColonialismEffects/Impact of Colonialism on Nigeria Definition of Colonialism Colonialism means a system which the Europeans adopted in ruling the colonies of Africa to their own benefits. It also means foreign rule on foreign lands. The impact of colonialism in Nigeria could be discussed under political, economic, social, eduional and religious aspects. Effects

ANALYSIS The Impact of Electronic Payments on Economic

on Economic Growth Introduction Greater worldwide card use raises a number of questions. Foremost, do electronic payments bring macroeconomic benefits? Moody''s Analytics attempted to answer this question by analyzing macroeconomic data for 70 countries/regions between 2011 and 2015. By calculating the impact of card usage on

Economic Benefits of Parks : ConservationTools

In 2003, twodozen park experts and economists collaborated to identify the economic benefits of a city park system. While some benefits cannot be economically quantified, such as the mental health value of a walk in the woods, seven economic benefits of parks were identified. This paper describes and provides a case study for each.

How Africa Can Benefit From Brexit Newsweek

Africa''s economic powerhouses of Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt recently pledged to consolidate their efforts in pushing for the finalisation of these negotiations. Taking advantage of Brexit

Nigeria Economy: Population, GDP, Inflation, Business

Learn more about the Nigeria economy, including the population of Nigeria, GDP, facts, trade, business, inflation and other data and analysis on its economy from the Index of Economic Freedom

Oil in Nigeria: a cure or curse? Global Citizen

Aug 31, 2012 · Oil in Nigeria a cure or curse? Africa is a region abundant in natural resources and rich in vast oil reserves. In recent years a number of African economies have seen an accelerated GDP growth rate. In many cases the petroleum industry has played a pivotal role in this growth.


the benefits it will bring to the Nigerian people. This Plan also places importance on emerging sectors such as the entertainment and creative industries. Third, the ERGP builds on existing sectoral strategies and plans such as the National Industrial Revolution Plan, and the Nigeria

U.S. Relations With Nigeria United States Department of

More information about Nigeria is available on the Nigeria Page and from other Department of State publiions and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet. U.S.NIGERIA RELATIONS. The United States established diplomatic relations with Nigeria in 1960, following Nigeria''s independence from the United Kingdom.


ADULT EDUCATION AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA By MARILYN U. OCHOMA Department of Curriculum Studies and Instructional Technology, Ignatius Ajuru University of Eduion, Port Harcourt. Abstract Adult eduion is an indispensable tool in the process of national development. It offers the adult members of the society opportunities to

Economic Development through Globalisation in Nigeria

impact on Economic Development. However, Shell is attempting to act more responsible by adjusting its position in order to have a more positive impact on Economic Development. On the other hand, the IMF has not adapted to Nigeria but obliges the country to adapt to the institution''s demands hindering Economic Development.

FDI and Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria

of FDI attracted by Nigeria is mediocre (Asiedu, 2003) compared with the resource base and potential need. Further, the empirical linkage between FDI and economic growth in Nigeria is yet unclear, despite numerous studies that have examined the influence of FDI on Nigeria''s economic growth with varying outcomes (Oseghale and Amonkhienan,

(PDF) Impact of International Trade on the Economic Growth

This study evaluated the impact of international trade on the Nigeria economic growth. The objectives of this study were to ascertain the impact of export trade on the Nigerian economy and to

Reviving Nigeria''s Steel Industry for Economic Development

Apr 07, 2018 · Nigeria''s steel industry is one of the key economic sectors abandoned by the past administrations in the country, and no reasonable government can afford to

Shell in Nigeria: Oil, Gas, Development & Corporate Social

Jul 29, 2011 · Putting aside the conventionally calculated economic costs and benefits of oil and gas production in Nigeria for a moment, anyone would, or should, be

The Economic Benefits of Malaria Eradiion the Giving

Jan 18, 2016 · The most direct economic benefit to reduced malaria prevalence is the associated reduction in health expenditures. Getting malaria is not only deadly but it''s also very expensive. This cost is relatively easy to measure. Economic impacts of malaria in Kenya and Nigeria. Bethesda: Abt Associates, 1993.

The benefits of Manufacturing in Nigeria kpakpakpa

Nigeria has a current population of close to 200 million people. If you don''t think that''s substantial enough, consider that there are only six countries in the world that have a population bigger than that of Nigeria.. From an economic perspective, that''s a huge market and there is a high demand for products that are required by this market.

Impact Of FinTech On Business Growth In Nigeria.

Also Read: How BlockChain Can Drive Economic & Business Growth In Nigeria. Key Areas Of Impact. The rise of the smartphone has massively changed the behavior of consumers. Whether it''s checking to pay for goods online or making bank transfer via a mobile app, Nigerians are now getting used to handling financial affairs as easily and


evaluate the long run relationship between tax revenue and economic growth in Nigeria. The study focuses on the impact of petroleum profit tax, company income tax, personal income tax, value added tax revenue on Nigeria''s Economic growth between 1980 and 2013. The study period spans economic cycles for about 66 percent of the life of

7 Benefits of Agriculture in Nigeria Farmcrowdy Blog

6. Economic diversifiion: With the income from oil declining in Nigeria, the nation is seeking economic diversifiion and the agricultural sector is a good substitute. One of the ways agriculture aids economic diversifiion is through production of export products.

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Nigeria''s Economy

The impact of foreign direct investment on Nigeria economic growth 19812016 (PDF) will be the focus of this research. Promoting and facilitating technology transfer through foreign direct investment (FDI) has assumed a prominent place in the strategies of economic revival and growth.

Strengthening Economic Diversifiion in Nigeria through

The report says that the country would benefit from policies to promote diversifiion and longterm inclusive growth, and focuses on leveraging regional connections and coordination to enhance Nigeria''s competitiveness. With a large population and growing middle class, there are 65 million economic active people in Nigeria.

What are the benefits of globalization in Nigeria? Quora

Mar 07, 2017 · Great question! Globalization refers to the expansion of international flows of trade, finance, and information into an integrated global market, the prescription to the liberalization of national and global markets in the belief that free flows o

Social, economic and political context in Nigeria

Social, economic and political context in Nigeria Social, economic and political context in Nigeria. Key policy influencing actors in Nigeria . Donors. Development aid to Nigeria has been low compared to other African countries and has reduced considerably since its peak in 2006. Net overseas development aid was roughly USD 11 billion in 2006

The Economic Costs of Conflict in Nigeria Mercy Corps

We also look at the potential economic benefits of sustained peace, emphasizing the important role that peacebuilding and security initiatives can play in improving, community, and state welfare. Our study on the Effects of FarmerPastoralist Conflict in Nigeria''s Middle Belt on State, Sector, and National Economies found:

Nigeria An Economic Analysis of Natural Resources

An examination of policy issues and economic reforms to aid the development process is also presented. This study, carried out between February and April 2007, specifically addresses the prospects of developing an industrial mining sector in Nigeria.

Economic Benefit of Natural Gas Utilization in Nigeria: A

Jul 09, 2015 · Abstract Due to unsustainable exploitation practices coupled with the lack of gas utilization infrastructures, Nigeria flares a substantial proportion of the gas it produces and the country lags far behind when compared to other oil producing nations in terms of associated gas conservation and utilization. This work focussed on the measurement of heat radiation from gas flaring as one of the

Hello Nollywood: how Nigeria became Africa''s biggest

Apr 10, 2014 · Nigeria is now officially Africa''s biggest economy s GDP was revised up to 𧷫bn this week, after economists readjusted the way they calculate the figures for more than 24 years.

5 Roles of Agriculture in Nigeria''s Economy

The Role of Agriculture in Nigeria''s Economy. Agriculture has been regarded in recent times as the most viable route with which Nigeria can successfully meander from her current economic dilemma. This article is aimed at shedding some light on the role of agriculture in the Nigerian economy.

Nigeria Overview World Bank

The NorthSouth divide has widened in recent years due to the Boko Haram insurgency and a lack of economic development in the northern part of the country. Large pockets of Nigeria''s population still live in poverty, without adequate access to basic services, and could benefit from more inclusive development policies.

Benefits of modular refining in emerging economies The

Aug 19, 2016 · The fundamental developmental differences in socioeconomic infrastructure and maintenance psychology demands that a more suitable approach be adopted by countries like Nigeria

Nigeria Economist World News, Politics, Economics

Nov 30, 2017 · The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them.

Sorghum Production, Cultivation and Economic Importance

Jun 12, 2018 · Sorghum Production In Nigeria 20122018. Over the years, Nigeria has experienced a tremendous growth and boost in its economy because of the cultivation of sorghum. In 2012, Nigeria cultivated about 5.6 million hectares and the annual production was estimated to be about 2.8million tones as reported by Agriculture Nigeria.

The economic & social benefits of air transport

The economic benefits of air transport 6 Air transport generates employment and wealth 6 Direct, indirect and induced impacts Global economic impact employment and GDP, 2004 7 GDP per air transport worker Regional economic benefits 8 Air transport generates wider alytic (spinoff) benefits 10 Ability to serve larger markets